About my website and me

Thanks for reading my website. No really, I appreciate it. This website is a minimalistic attempt to give something back to the web. As this is a personal website, don’t expect quality content and fancy layouts. If you however like to read, as I do, other people’s endeavours into all things technical, I hope that my sometimes incoherent ramblings offer some information or entertainment to you.

About my website

Intended audience

These pages are not written to reach large audiences. They live somewhere on the side of the web, where people with specific interests stumble upon them and might learn a thing or two. I sure enjoy reading like-minded people’s web pages. Failing that, these pages serve as a reference to myself. I tend to forget things.

Technical details

In case you want to know the technical details behind this website, please see my article How does my website work?


The content of this web site is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution - NonCommercial - ShareAlike 4.0 International license. This means you are free to share and adapt its content for your own (non-commercial) use, as long as you provide proper attribution to me and you share your resulting work under the same licence.

If you want to use my content outside of this licenses’ terms, please get in touch with me beforehand.

About me

I am David Steeman, a thirty-something with lots of geeky hobbies. I enjoy the discoveries that each new hobby brings. I like to learn, to acquire new skills, and then I usually move on. Some might say ‘jack of all traits, master of none’. I like to think of myself as open-minded and curious. I live in Belgium with my family. I work in ICT. And that’s about all I am comfortable with sharing with an unknown audience.