Beer rack

I like brewing beer. This means I have to store a lot of beer. There was an unused space in the basement under the stairs so I set out to build a simple beer rack there. It holds 23 cases, is constructed out of cheap 46x21mm pine and designed to hold a Duvel case in such a way that a maximum of cases can be fitted, keep the bottles accessible without lifting crates, and to allow enough room for circulation. So I put the cases halfway on their sides.

The rack consists of vertical supports on the back and the front, kept together by (sparingly used) stringers, and horizontal front supports which lock the crates in place. The back of the crates sit against the wall.

An unintended benefit of the slanted placement of the crates is that the sediment of yeast in the bottles settles to one side of the bottom, making it easier to leave it in the bottle when pouring.

To prevent dirt from falling down between the (perforated) stairs and onto the bottles, I have installed thin multiplex sheets under the stairs. I’ve also installed a fluorescent light fixture on the opposite wall. Under the stairs is a dark place, and without the light I couldn’t read the beer labels.

Conveniently I label my beers on the cap and not on the bottle. This way they are easily readable without removing the bottle from the case.

The rack holds 23 cases of 24 bottles of 0.33cl, or 182L of beer. No-one stays thirsty in my basement.