Camera holder

I’m using my Nikon D3000 DSLR camera to document my projects for this web site. Usually it is trailing around somewhere on my cluttered workbench, which isn’t the best idea for a sensitive and expensive piece of electronics. So I decided it deserved its own dedicated space, and bodged up a quick & dirty open cabinet to install it in.

The cabinet is constructed out of 8mm plywood scrap, which was cut on my table saw slide and screwed and glued together.

I routed a small hole in the side to accept the mini-USB plug of a USB cable. The plug is quite snugly fixed in the side of the cabinet, so that the camera can easily be slid over the plug to connect it to the computer. It can be easily be removed as well for shooting images.

The cabinet was fixed in an empty space between one of my monitors and the top shelf.

Here’s the camera plugged into the USB plug. I left the right side of the cabinet mostly open so that the camera can be easily removed.

It’s quite a simple hack really, but one I’m sure will prove to be quite handy.